SWAMP has all the attributes of a folkloristic student society at the VUB. The design of the ribbon and the wearing of togas were allowed and regulated by de Schare van XIII.


The SWAMP song was written by Jorgo Stavroudis. The song is called “The Mad Gamer” and has the tune of the song named “The Wild Rover”.


The text goes as follows:

I’ve been a mad gamer for many’s a year
I’ve spent all my money on Magic and beer.
My parents deny me, they think I’m obsessed
But I know much better and say “Fuck” to the rest.

And it’s always forever, (sex met die boom!)
forever and more,
Will I be the Mad Gamer,
forever and more.

Where winners reign mighty, and losers die fast
Where the cardboard is holy, and the rulebooks are vast.
It’s there where my heart is, and I say to the rest:
I don’t care what you think, I like gaming the best.


Wij zijn SWAMP
Wij spelen graag
Maar wie er met ons voeten speelt,
Die krijgt slaag !