Greetings and welcome to the Society of Weird and Mad People, also known as SWAMP!

Have you ever felt the calling of adventure to defeat mighty monsters in Dungeons and Dragons? Would you rather unravel a dark Lovecraftian mystery in Mansions of Madness? Or do you want to beat all your opponents in Magic the Gathering? These games and hundreds more are played at SWAMP in our weekly game nights.

We are a studentclub focused on playing board and role-playing games, many of which you’ve probably heard of such as the games mentioned above, 7 Wonders, Dominion, Cards Against Humanity, as well as many lesser-known board games. We meet every Monday evening at 8 pm in the 1G020 and 1G021 rooms, on campus in Etterbeek. Don’t be afraid to come join us, we don’t bite!*

We also organize a lot of other events. For example, on our initiation evenings we teach you how to play chess or MtG, how to be a Dungeon Master, or how to make your own geeky cuddly toys on our crochet initiation! You can also use your unparalleled talents to crown yourself a champion in one of our board game tournaments.

Beyond that, SWAMP also offers a lot of other types of events, such as our folkloric cantuses, monthly RPG nights, day trips, movie nights, and so on. Be sure to keep an eye on our facebook page to stay informed about upcoming events! For further questions (or other comments) contact us on facebook, discord, or via email. Info in the sidebar!


Robrecht (Tarinn) Simon Hendrik Blancquaert
President 2021-2022


*Mandatory addendum since the Koala incident of ’96