Greetings to my fellow fanatics of games and entertainment.

I am pleased to welcome you to SWAMP. Grab a chair and sit down… euhm, put yourself at enough distance though (Covid-19 and so on), don’t worry we won’t bite* .

We meet every Monday evening for our weekly board game nights, join us and play with our grand collection of games to choose from. We play all kinds of games: party games like Cards Against Humanity, card games like Magic: The Gathering, social deduction games like The Resistance, classics like chess, niche or well known… you name it, we play it!

Ever wanted to have a fist fight against three goblins in a trench coat? See what happens when you fall from the edge of the world during a wild pirate adventure or want to rise through the universe on a space Mushroom? We hold monthly RPG sessions where all your dreams can come true.

Want to learn more about drafting, DMing or wargaming? In addition to our regular activities we teach you all the skills you need with our  SWAMP Academy initiation events. Movie nights,  cantusses, dinner parties, Weekends & trips are all well known activities among us Swampies.

If you feel like playing along, please let us know, check out our facebook page, join our discord or send us an email. We do our best to make all our activities as safe as possible in these difficult times. Washing hands, mouth masks and bubbles are used to guarantee your safety! See you soon!


Gnark (The 349th)
President 2020-2021


*Mandatory addendum since the Koala incident of ’96